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Wing is a 3-sided marketplace connecting merchants/customers and courier companies through innovative technology.


Increase your sales by offering delivery at low prices while adding convenience to free up more time to focus on your products – we will take care of the rest


Save Time, Money and Effort Besides,
we offer special deals and added support for your business through our unique delivery service

WING takes control of every delivery step, from collecting parcels to customer ratings of couriers/drivers, including quality control, customer support and issue resolution.

We do the running – You benefit:

  • More sales – Same day delivery turns amazing shopping experience to 3 simple steps. Order > Receive > Celebrate!
  • Customer Loyalty — Delighted customers return to you again and again… and bring friends!
  • Сompetitiveness — Fast, safe, innovative delivery will become one of your key advantages
  • Tech & Tools — An application, that gives an opportunity to connect customers, couriers and merchants, provides an API for merchants
  • Insurance — We provide insurance for the items, that are carried by the couriers
  • Save Money and Time — Pay as you go, No upfront capital costs of keeping fleet and drivers No prepaid expenses or fixed minimum payments. No need to worry about delivery needs – we’ve got you covered

Plug & Play

With Wing API you can:

  • Calculate your parcel price (based on the location you provide)
  • Create and Cancel delivery orders
  • If you use WordPress, you can install the Woocommerce plugin and download our WordPress plugin to get more benefits from our service, same forShopify and Magento platforms. If you have another platform for ecommerce, you can contact us and our IT team will be happy to integrate your application with WING
  • Our mobile and web integration lets your customers get to choose the delivery options straight from your website’s’ checkout page
  • With WING, your customers get the ultimate shopping experience and they don’t even need to leave home and carry heavy bags.
  • Composing multiple orders using our website is so easy, and saves your time
  • Creating choices means more options for YOU – hence our Slogan: Wing It YOUR way

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